As discussed in class today, we will adapt our final project for our class publication, the third issue of The Authentic. This will consist of submitting your final in digital forma project statement, a bioa few ideas for the title, a page layout sketch, and additional past work (optional).

  • Final, digital form – Please submit your jpgs to me at 300dpi, sized as close as possible to the publication dimensions, which are 8 x 10″ each page. Your text should be attached in a Word or Pages document. If the files are too large to be sent via email then set up a DropBox folder or something similar to fileshare.
  • Project statement (written in first person) – This is your preface/introduction to your final project. Be confidant and own a tone/voice that is authentic to you. This will kick off your chapter with your project so use it as a means for explanation. Looking for examples? Head over to the senior thesis show in Thomas P Kelly or look up the exhibition press release from any local gallery. This should be short and concise.
  • Bio (written in third person) – A one to two sentence sharing of who you are, where you come from, what you’re interested in, etc. Here’s the place for websites. An example.
  • A few ideas for the title – What the hell are we going to call this! Pitch your ideas and we can vote…
  • Page layout sketch – Using whatever technical means you prefer, let me know how you want your images to be laid out. This is the kind of book we’re making (the 8×10 size).
  • Additional work – Is there another project that you’d like to share? Now’s the time to include it. Make sure it is also submitted to the same specifications listed above.

Your final projects are due the Monday of finals week, in class, but I will need your final digital files sent to me no later than the Friday of finals week at 5pm. 

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